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Moses Chan is gifted as he?s incredible with sewing and stitching. An incident involving Anne Heung forces him to transform his mother?s costume during the Qing Dynasty to the first chipao. At first, the chipao is accepted to some extent by the people of Shanghai. However, accidents after accidents with women wearing the chipaos lead to a boycott and Moses is out of business. Despite the obstacles that lie ahead, he continues to make chipaos, in hope that they will be accepted again. The love triangles are between Anne-Moses-Kwong Wa, Gigi-Moses-Michael, Melissa-Kwong Wa-Marco.

Actors: oses Chan, Kwong Wa, Anne Heung, Gigi Lai, Melissa Ng, Marco Ng, Michael Tong, June Chan, Eileen Ye
Genre: Drama
Season 1
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