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Watch Medicine Men Go Wild online: Episode 3 Healthiest Hearts

In the third programme, Chris and Xand visit Chukotka in the farthest northeast region of Russia. An icy peninsula, it is washed by the Bering Sea, a section of the Pacific Ocean, and part of the Arctic Ocean. Its vast geographical area of over 737,000 km is home to a population of only around 55,000. Much of the mainly rural population still exists on subsistence reindeer herding, hunting, and fishing. Their diet consists almost entirely of sea mammals, which is mainly protein and fat. Yet mysteriously, the people of Chukotka report no incidence of heart disease, and their cholesterol levels are incredibly healthy. Could this change the way we think about the diet/health connection, and go against everything the twins have been taught about nutrition? Chris and Xand are once again immersed in the culture, including the challenge of both eating and hunting walrus and whale. They are struck by the respect the hunters have for their prey, and learn about a lot more than medicine during their time with the Chukotka people

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