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What is How London Was Built about?
Adam Hart-Davis brings his own inimitable presenting style to this eye opening guided tour of some of London's most important structures. Each episode will trace the history of a group of London landmarks, showing how those buildings were constructed and how they changed life for Londoners.

Actors: dam Hart-Dav
Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of How London Was Built

    Episode 1: Bridges  
    Episode 2: Defences  
    Episode 3: Palaces  
    Episode 5: Railways  
    Episode 6: Tunnels  

Season 2 of How London Was Built

    Episode 2: Canals  
    Episode 3: Airports  
    Episode 4: Churches  
    Episode 5: Shops  
    Episode 7: Pubs  

Season 3 of How London Was Built

    Episode 1: Prisons  
    Episode 2: Houses  
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