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People say they can't cook. And it's not that they can't - it's that they don't.

They've been totally ruined by recipes that call for a ton of ingredients and a million complicated steps. Sam the Cooking Guy is for people who want to eat well, but don't want to spend a year getting there. He doesn't believe in fancy equipment or expensive & hard-to-find ingredients. For the show he cooks at home...with his dog, kids and neighbors sometimes around - like we all do. And all his ingredients come from a regular supermarket. He says its food that's 'big in taste but small in effort'. If you can watch TV - you can cook. But trust us - this is not your grandfather's cooking show...

Actors: am Zi
Genre: Home and Garden
Season 1
    Episode :   
    Episode 2: Grilling  
    Episode 23: Egg Day  
    Episode 31: Potato  
Season 2
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