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Watch Janosik online: Episode 1 Janosik - The Movie

This film is about Polish legend - Janosik, whose adventures was similar to Robin Hood. Janosik and his gang helped poor people being under the reign of bad people, evil count and Murgrabia. This movie is based on TV series, it's just the whole story held in two-hours movie. All film is great. There are one of most popular Polish actors in the seventies, including Witold Pyrkosz, Bogusz Bilewski, Marian Kociniak, M. Czechowicz and young Perepeczko, promising handsome and well-built actor. The directing is great, all film is interesting and full of action. There is one minus for all foreign watchers - Janosik lived with Polish highlanders, whose had a very specific local dialect, so if you live outside the Poland and think you know Polish language, it doesn't mean that you understand this film. Even Poles had sometimes problems with understanding this dialog, so try to watch film with your national subtitles.

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