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After rekindling his passion for food in the French countryside, John Burton Race, who is one of the few British chefs to have won two Michelin stars for his cooking, is back in Britain and he's eager to get to work again. With the support of his wife, Kim, he has decided that instead of returning to the high-pressure cauldron of the London culinary world and the Michelin star roundabout, he wants to open a restaurant in Devon.

The stakes are high: he and Kim will be investing their own money and starting again. We will follow the family's fortunes as they sell their house in Reading and start their new life in the country. They will purchase the New Angel in Dartmouth, a once internationally acclaimed restaurant with spectacular views over the river Dart, but which has fallen from grace in recent years.

John is looking forward to the challenge of starting from scratch and completely refurbishing the restaurant to restore it to its former glory.
Season 1
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