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Watch Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship - Riding with Confidence online

Where to watch Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship - Riding with Confidence
Take your training to the next level with Riding With Confidence Horsemanship Under Saddle. Exercises in these videos are intended for riders of all levels of experience and all disciplines, as well as horses of all breeds. It is recommended that you and your horse complete Clinton's Gaining Respect and Control on the Ground Series prior to beginning these exercises. Gaining respect from your horse on the ground will directly transfer to control under saddle. There is a brief review of groundwork exercises that Clinton feels are necessary to prepare both horse and rider for successful riding lessons.

Clinton works with China, a 10-year-old untrained mare, to demonstrate techniques that apply not only to young horses, but to aged horses as well. Clinton begins a lesson by describing the goal of the exercise, then demonstrates step-by-step with China. Lessons include a discussion of Common Horse and Rider Problems that may be encountered, as well as Success Tips and Troubleshooting.

This series will teach you the One Rein Stop and give you the confidence to control your horse anywhere. Teach your horse to move off at a walk, trot and canter on a loose rein with simple leg pressure; to steer and guide, wherever you want, with the slightest cue; to stop verbally without the use of reins and learn to ride with an independent seat. Accomplishing these lessons will increase your riding confidence while continuing to refine the control and respect of your horse, the ultimate goals of Clinton's training program.

Actors: linton Anders
Genre: Special Interest
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Season 2
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