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Where to watch Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship - Round Penning
Get ready for Round Penning - Building Confidence and Respect Between You and Your Horse, an exciting series from equine clinician Clinton Anderson. In this training series, Clinton shares his training expertise and shows you how to use the round pen as an integral part of your training program. You'll learn Clinton's step-by-step techniques to teach your horse how to:

* Move your horse forward, backwards, left and right. The foundation for building respect.
* Change directions toward you.
* Walk toward you.
* Follow wherever you lead!

You'll also discover how your round pen can help make haltering and desensitizing your horse to new things easier on you, which makes him less spooky.

Throughout the series, Clinton demonstrates each new exercise and shows a novice student how to achieve similar results. He points out common handler and horse mistakes and tells you how to correct them. He also addresses some of the most commonly asked questions about using a round pen for training.

Actors: linton Anders
Genre: Special Interest
Season 1
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