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What is Legit about?
Danny and Fox are best friends. They work together, selling dodgy pirate software at markets, play together and, thanks to a caravan in Dannys mothers garden, live in each others pocket. However, the one thing they do not share is a sense of responsibility. Fox is weighed down by it. He wants to be the best father in the world, but his two kids live with their mother and her new boyfriend. If only he could get some money, enough to move out of that ramshackle caravan. Then perhaps he could win back the heart of his ex-girlfriend and become a family man once more. Danny on the other hand is a free spirit. Still living with his mother, he avoids responsibility like it was an ugly girl looking for a date. An irrepressible daft boy, a loveable rogue, Danny reckons his job is to drag Fox out of the dark hole he is stuck in, which normally lands his friend in more trouble than before. Though rarely strictly Legit, Danny and Fox always see themselves as the good guys. They are simply making ends meet the only way they know how in a world of guys who know guys who can get you anything you want. Every day brings a new scam, a new dilemma, or a new situation that Fox approaches with a sigh of foreboding, and Danny with gusto, certain of that big pay off.

Genre: Comedy

Season 1 of Legit

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    Episode 1: Birthday  
    Episode 2: Manitoba  
    Episode 6: Removals  

Season 2 of Legit

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