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Watch Wired Science online: Episode 7 Space & Flight: Satellite Shopping

Satellite Shopping It's been 50 years since the first satellite, Sputnik, was launched into orbit. Now, communication satellites are used in everything from radio and television to Internet connections. Special correspondent Adam Rogers knows a good business opportunity when he sees it and tries get in on the satellite action. What's Inside Your Armpit Host Chris Hardwick takes a look at the chemical guts of everyday products and finds you're never more than two steps away from something surprising. The Business of Disease Who decides when a disease or syndrome gets a name, a drug and its very own TV commercial? Host Ziya Tong takes a look at Restless Leg Syndrome, one of the newest diseases to hit the big time. Touch Table The TouchTable looks like a giant iPhone that marries satellite imagery with other data sources. TouchTable, Inc. CEO Rocky Roccanova shows Ziya Tong how the device is used in intelligence gathering and law enforcement. UFO Astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz has been in orbit more times than most people have been in airplanes. The retired NASA astronaut and head of the Ad Astra Rocket Company sits down with special correspondent Adam Rogers to discuss how his work is revolutionizing rocket engines. CHAT: Franklin Chang-Diaz We travel to the American southwest to see what the driest communities in the country are doing to keep the water flowing in the ever-burgeoning desert populations. Stressed Out With normal wear and tear, bridges and aircraft have their mettle tested constantly. Fortunately, inspectors monitor these stressed out bodies to avoid catastrophic failures like the Minneapolis bridge collapse last summer. We travel to Vermont and New Mexico to check out the state of the art in structural disaster prevention.

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