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Watch Wired Science online: Episode 5 Health: Blood Simple

Blood Simple Be it A, B, AB or O, most of us dont think about blood until we see it. Physicians at Virginia Commonwealth University are cracking the elusive problem and testing a synthetic blood that could be better at transporting oxygen than the real thing. Dr. Megavolt Particle physicist Austin Richards has a secret identity: Dr. MegaVolt. Ziya Goes to NextFest Host Ziya Tong takes us to the annual WIRED NextFest convention. What's Inside Your Mouth? Take a tour with Chris Hardwick of what's insideyour mouth. Virtual Paleontology Scientists use Computer tomography (CT) scanning to discover new species fused inside metamorphic rock. Chat: Jeff Hawkins Jeff Hawkins is famous for developing the software behind the Palm Pilot and Treo Smartphone, but his first love is neurosciencespecifically, the question of how the brain creates the mind. ShotSpotter Police departments across the country are installing gunshot surveillance systems that use hidden microphones and GPS-based sensors to figure out where and when guns are fired.

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