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Watch Wired Science online: Episode 3 Physics & Chemistry: Ball Busters

Ball Busters At the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, a team of scientists make sure that every baseball that makes it into a Major League game has just the right amount of hardness and bounce. We take a trip to the lab to learn just how a mechanical engineer is keeping America's pastime honest. Got Clones? Ranchers and dairy farmers are ready to bring their cloned animal meat and milk to the public. Origami Master Robert Lang Origami Artist Robert Lang stops by to show Host Ziya Tong how math and science intersect to create complex art. Hot Wheels Wheelchairs that are nimble and light enough for basketball, racing, fencing... even ballet. Rosaly Lopes: Volcanologist Rosaly Lopes is a plantetary geologist with a thing for volcanoes. Sounds of Silence When he's not surfing the waves of the Big Island, physicist Milton Garces is studying sound waves at frequencies too low for humans to hear. The Making of El Corazon The heart is the rock-star in this music video. "Corazon" explains how the heart drives blood through the body to a zesty beat. What's Inside Your Dog? Chris Hardwick investigates the obscure components of something that can be found in mans best friend.

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