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Watch Wired Science online: Episode 1 Technology: World War 2.0

World War 2.0 In spring 2007, Estonia's banks and newspapers were shut down by an organized wide-scale cyber-attack using 'botnets. WIRED writer Josh Davis heads to the site of the attack to find out what happened, who did it, and what the heck a "botnet" is. Photosynth Software designer Blaise Aguera y Arcas demonstrates the Photosynth software. Face Reader Ziya Tong meets children with Aspergers Syndrome testing a new MIT media lab device that reads facial expressions. Cool Whip Chris Hardwick takes a look at the chemical guts of this iconic American dessert - Cool Whip. Dangerous Science WIRED Senior Editor Adam Rogers goes in search of an old-fashioned chemistry experience, and gets radiated in the processes. Chat: Paul Kedrosky Venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky connects investors with innovative scientific ideas. RoboDoc UCLA surgeon joins forces with his behemoth robotic colleague to operate on a cardiac patient.

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