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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 9 Pandora's Box ~Bell versus Anzelotte~

As Renji, Elis, Kureha, and Akari go to school, Anzelotte brings them to her castle, where she reveals that the Jewel of Hope is in Saturn's rings. As she approaches Saturn with her wizard fleet, a horde of Emulators under Bell Zephyr's command appears. Anzelotte dispatches Renji, Elis, and Kureha to find the jewel, and prepares to attack the Emulators. However, the Demon Lord Lion Gunta predicts all of Anzelotte's ships' movements, and the Emulators take the advantage. Bell Zephyr then goes into battle, and tears through the wizards' defenses. She claims the Jewel of Hope, but a distraction by Akari allows Elis to claim the Jewel of Hope, something Lion comments she was unable to predict. As the jewel joins her bracelet, the jewels turn red, and a gigantic energy exudes from Elis, destroying most of both fleets. Elis then begins to destroy everything around her until Renji calms her, with Elis tearfully asking what she is doing. Anzelotte then realizes that Elis is Shaimal.

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