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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 4 Kirihito ~The Encounter on the Moon Surface~

Anzelotte sends Renji, Elis, Kureha, and Akari to the Moon in a spacecraft to find the third jewel. On the way, the four study for their upcoming finals, with Renji furious that he has to repeat a year and do the same material. The ship is then attacked by rabbits with hammers, and the four are separated across the Moon. Elis is attacked by more rabbits, but saved by a young boy who disappears afterwards. Akari meets Elis and the four proceed to a large man-made structure. They are attacked by the Demon Lord J? ga, who uses the Jewel of Fortitude to ward off Akari's attack and absorb Elis. Renji arrives to save her, but is overwhelmed. Elis awakens and while in a trance-like state, takes the jewel from J? ga, enabling Renji to defeat her. Afterwards, the group is confronted by the young man, who berates Renji for not protecting Elis. As he leaves, he tells Elis his name is Kirihito.

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