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Watch Night Wizard online: Episode 2 Fallen Man ~The Targeted World

Anzelotte explains that Elis is a Night Wizard, and that she is the key to defeating the Emulators by creating a gateway to Rikai, the Emulators' world using her bracelet. She reveals that the jewel in her bracelet is the Jewel of Kindness, one of the seven Jewels of Virtue, and having all seven would create the gateway. Elis agrees to search for the remaining jewels, and Renji and Kureha are assigned to protect her. They enjoy dinner at Elis' house, and the following day, are called back by Anzelotte, who has found the Jewel of Wisdom on the mystical continent of Magallanica. However, Bell Zephyr sends the Demon Lord RaRa Mu to retrieve the jewel or kill Elis. When Renji, Elis, and Kureha arrive in a deserted city in Magallanica, they are accosted by golems summoned by RaRa Mu. They are soon reinforced by Akari, who dispatches one of the golems.

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