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What is Avenger about?
Mars has been colonized and is a world where children have been replaced by robot servents known as 'dolls'. Layla is a skilled fighter with a tragic past who travels about the world. Her companions are Nei, a strange and unique doll with some unknown ties to Layla, and Speedy, who is a doll breeder. The founders of Mars see the trio as a threat to their world, and each time they attack Layla and Nei a bit more of their mysterious past and future is revealed.

Actors: egumi Toyoguchi, Mika Kan
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation, Science-Fiction, Fantasy
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Season 1 of Avenger

    Episode 1: Dome  
    Episode 2: Doll  
    Episode 3: Child  
    Episode 4: Adult  
    Episode 7: Barbaroi  
    Episode 8: Pilgrim  
    Episode 9: Goddess  
    Episode 10: Frozen  
    Episode 11: Lunatic  
    Episode 12: Match  
    Episode 13: Outer  
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