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What is The Naked Archaeologist about?
In this documentary series shot on location in Egypt, Israel and Greece, the two-time Emmy Award winning producer and director Simcha Jacobovici digs deep into the most extraordinary finds in the Middle East, showing viewers Biblical archaeology like they've never seen it before: He dances, he raps, he clambers under barbed wire and over fences - and he crosses swords with the world's foremost archaeologists, historians and scientists. Fast, funny and irreverent (think the Ali G. of archaeology), Jacobovici asks the questions we all want to know the answers to: Why is it so bad to be called a Philistine? Was Jezebel really that sexy? What do you do when you find a 2,000-year-old palace under your house? And where do you stop for a good falafel when you're on your way to find the real Mount Sinai?

Actors: imcha Jacobovi
Genre: Documentary

Season 1 of The Naked Archaeologist

    Episode 18: Joshua  
    Episode 19: Masada  

Season 2 of The Naked Archaeologist

Season 3 of The Naked Archaeologist

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