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Watch The Aleutians: Cradle of the Storms online

Where to watch The Aleutians: Cradle of the Storms
The Aleutians: Cradle of the Storms
The Aleutians: Cradle of the Storms

Tells the story of a beautiful and raw land and its people who have endured and survived wave after wave of invaders and a relentless, unpredictable climate. The Aleutian Islands span the seas between Alaska and Siberia, a desolate necklace of wind-stripped terrain, ravaged by weather that has earned it the name "the cradle of the storms." It is also home to a vast and impressive array of wildlife. The first episode reveals the storm-lashed islands and the 9,000-year-old culture that was forever changed by fur-seeking outsiders, first by Russians then later by Americans. The second episode picks up the story of the native Aleuts as the violence of World War II arrives on their islands. Even in the face of such devastation, the Aleutian people endured and thrive today

Actors: im Estes, A. Keith Mil
Genre: Documentary
    Episode 1: (1/2)  
    Episode 2: (2/2)  
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