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Where to watch Fallen Angel
Charles Dance and Emilia Fox head the cast of FALLEN ANGEL, an epic new drama trilogy on ITV1.

In a departure from conventional crime drama this is an investigation conducted by those close to the criminal rather than by the police a 'whydunnit' rather than usual 'whodunnit'. Based on The Roth Trilogy of novels by award-winning crime writer Andrew Taylor and adapted by Peter Ransley, it is the story of the making of a murderer, told in reverse starting with the modern day.

Like an archaeological dig, each of the films strips away the layers of a sociopath's history, hurtling backwards in time to show us how and when her mind became twisted, and her soul sick.

FALLEN ANGEL reunites Emilia Fox as the beautiful, murderer Rosemary, with Charles Dance first seen together in 1997 in ITV's Rebecca.

It also stars Clare Holman as Wendy, a woman whose granddaughter Lucy is abducted in the present by a woman known only as Angel. By rewinding back in time, we ultimately discover that Wendy is motivated by guilt to help unmask the killer, her real identity, and her motives.

Actors: milia Fox, Charles Dance, Clare Holm
Genre: Drama
Season 1
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