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Watch Double The Fist online: Episode 6 Ultimate Weapon

Steve makes the Double the Fist Team climb a mountain where he was trained as a child to collect the "Ultimate Weapon." However, he causes the others (not including Womp) to become frightened when he does not give them parachutes to jump out the plane. He and Rod end up in a struggle and Rod's flare goes off, and the plane crashes. Womp rushes to Steve's rescue to find him disoriented, and expecting him to be carried to the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, Mephisto (who landed safely) has gone to town and finds that all he must do is take a chairlift to get to the top. He goes up and finds that all he has to do to get into the Castle which contains the Ultimate Weapon is cross a bridge, which he finds is guarded by a highly skilled guard. Rod arrives to find Steve and tries to steal his glasses. Steve is infuriated and disowns him, making Rod run off ashamed (and imagine he has discovered terrorists). And so, Womp and Steve end up in a swirling chasm which keeps the world moving. Steve urges Womp to give up or go on without him. Womp insults Steve until he miraculously recovers from his injuries and lack of fistworthiness, and Steve rewards him with the 'Man of Fist' award. Meanwhile, during Mephisto's battle with the guard, a piece of the bridge is broken off and is lodged in the side of the swirling chasm, thus stopping Earth from rotating and nullifying gravity. This allows Womp and Steve to be lifted from the chasm, while Mephisto discovers that the monks have let the guard believe that dolphins (his favorite animal, despite the fact that he has never seen one) are extinct due to the ocean filling with sand. Showing him a picture of a dolphin he caught whilst fishing, Mephisto brings the guard onto the side of the fist. The Fist Team enters the Castle and do battle with the monks (failing miserably) while Womp goes underground to find the Ultimate Weapon. He discovers it to be guarded by two twins guards (Shane Dundas of the Umbilical Brothers), one who always tells the truth, and one who always lies. After a lengthy conversation, Womp causes the truthful guard to lie and the untruthful guard to be truthful, which causes them to explode. Womp collects the Ultimate Weapon (a chainsaw known as the Timesaw) and Steve defeats the peaceful monks by majestically tossing a flower at the leader. They all flee the collapsing castle, except for Womp who is buried alive, but digs himself free. As the episode ends, Rod imagines himself releasing a new record and becoming a huge sensation as he freezes to death.

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