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Watch Temptation Island Australia online: Episode 8 Episode 8

The blocks are finally off and the group date the next day takes on a new level of naughty fun. Nick sees Cassie playing in the water with a single. The single starts kissing her leg, and Nick is alright with that but adds that it does plant the seeds of doubt. Cassie is ok with Nick asking the question. She says that she is innocent and this whole thing is stupid. Kynan sees a clip of single Jay going home with Liana. Liana in turn, sees Kynan walking down the beach with a single, holding hands. Warren says their relationship will go 1 of 2 ways; on or off. He retreats indoors. Alana is initially fine explaining to Warren the clip he saw. But she ends up quite upset and refuses to join in the date picking for the day. Clinton decides that he will take single Georgina on the dream date. He sees footage of Piaf and what could be seen as single Matt, kissing her or her pulling away from his kiss. Piaf is pissed about the video message from Clinton asking about single Matt, when he is doing worse things on the other side of the island.

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