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Watch Temptation Island Australia online: Episode 7 Episode 7

There is another vote off and another bonfire. Nick confesses how lucky he is to be with Cassie. Then he sees her in bed with single Jay at the bonfire. He says the line has not been crossed yet but sends her a questioning message asking her why she was in bed with single Jay. Cassie says that Jay was only there because she wasn't feeling well and he was comforting her. Kynan is not bothered by the clip he sees of a single hugging Liana. Liana, too, is cool when she sees Kynan walking into a room with 2 singles and close the door behind them. Warren feels confident about his relationship with Alana but gets a rude shock when he sees the bonfire clip of single Dan coming out of her room. He sends Alana a video message to ask her what was going on. Alana says that she and single Dan were just talking, and although there was a moment that could have gotten more intimate, she didn't let that happen because she loves Warren. Clinton says that a passionate kiss would be breaching the line of trust. He sees single Matt and Piaf together and can see their visible connection. Piaf sees Clinton hugging and cuddling with single Georgina and realises that she and Clinton now have a lot of issues to be resolved.

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