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Watch The Assistant online: Episode 6 Spa Day

The Assistants all rush to Andy's bedside after being called, Stefani's elimination still fresh in their minds. Upon entering Andy's room, they are surprised to see Jen, Andy's exgirlfriend in the bed with him. The first big oops! is after ordering the assistants to order a limo, a large pink one appears causing Andy and Jenn to get annoyed. Since the "nice" hotel apparently lost their reservation, Andy and his girlfriend are forced to go to a cheaper hotel. Since Andy and Jen are not satisfied, the assistants bring in some homosexual help. Still, Andy and Jen are not happy. The group returns to the house where they see they are on the set of Andy's Assistant, American Idol style. In the end, Andy decides to cut Colin and Mykell, leaving only Tanika and Melissa.

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