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Once again, the episode opens up with Andy Dick snoring away in his Paul Frank pajamas. Max the butler goes to wake up the assistants to tell them a secret: it's Andy's birthday and it's supposed to be a secret! All of the assistants are given tasks relating to the party. Getting the food, reserving a limo, etc. Max reveals there is one extra task, so... the show has decided to bring back Nikeda, much to the dismay of the other assistants. When Melissa goes to invite Andy to a dinner, she founds out that Andy locked himself in a closet claiming he's not happy. After much coaxing, Melissa finally gets him to the party where he reveals what I knew all along: It's not his birthday. At the party, his ex-girlfriend was somehow invited, and she throws a glass of water in Andy's face, causing him to leave the party. That night, the theme for the elimination is Survivor. Nikeda is once again eliminated. After that, Andy chooses to eliminated Ebony for her quietness and apparent laziness. While extinguishing her torch however, some bushes catch on fire.

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