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Watch The Assistant online: Episode 2 Sarah & Jeff Get Snip, Snip, Clipped

Andy wakes up all of the remaining assistants to assign them all various tasks. Stefani is to train Andy's cat to sit on his shoulder, Colin has to find Andy's glass lens in the pool, etc. After checking on all of the assistants to see how they are doing in their tasks, Andy invites all of the assistants to dinner where Ebony and Melissa perform from scripts (their required task). After dinner, it is time for the elimination ceremony, with the setting being America's Next Top Andy's Assistant. Looking at footage from each assistant and then having them walk, Andy slowly hands each assistant a cell phone if they are still in the running. The last three standing are Sarah, Jeff, and Mark. After viewing footage of Jeff throwing food around the kitchen and telling Andy to "f*ck himself", Andy decides to eliminate him along with his partner, Sarah.

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