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The show opens up with a corny introduction about the show with Andy looking somewhat impressive atop a hill. All of the potential assistants are introduced one by one. When all the introductions are finished, to everyone's surprise Andy announces he's already going to eliminate someone. After the first elimination ceremony where Andrew is the unfortunate victim (with Mark barely scraping past), Andy shows the assistants where they are to sleep -- cots located in the garage. Andy also gives them a book about himself filled with all sorts of information. His turnons, when he lost his virginity, etc. Later on, he makes an offhand comment about the grass being too long and Tanika, one of the assistants, grabs some scissors and cuts the grass. Suddenly, Andy announces there will be yet another elimination. But not before Andy invites the assistants to play a game in his living room: Who wants to be Andy's Assistant? After the rounds are over, there are three assistants who received the lowest scores. Colin, Nikeda, and Sarah. Unfortunately for Nikeda, she only got 1 of her 5 questions correct and she is the second assistant to become eliminated.

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