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Watch Greek online: Episode 14 Big Littles and Jumbo Shrimp

Troubled by the recent discovery that Andy hooked up with Jordan, Rusty is hesitant to take Andy on as his little brother. Will Rusty be able to get past the budding relationship to become the big brother Cappie has been to him? When Cappie hears of Rustys reluctance, he takes Rusty aside to remind him that he brought Andy as a pledge to the fraternity and it is his responsibility to be the best Big Brother that Rusty can be for him. Meanwhile, when Evans real-life brother, Patrick, comes for a visit, their celebration at Doblers is interrupted by Cappie and the three end up reminiscing about their old camp days. But later Patrick shocks and disappoints Evan by asking for money. Frustrated by his brothers actions, Evan takes it out on Frannie. When Casey and Rebecca believe that the thief responsible for stealing the ZBZ food supply is Fisher, they cant figure out why Ashleigh wont accept it. But when they dig a little further, Ashleigh reveals the delicious truth.

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