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When and how was the Earth formed? What is the link between earthquakes, volcanoes and the creation of the continents? How do mountains affect our climate? What triggers Ice Ages? This book and the accompanying television series answer these and many other questions, telling the amazing story of our planet and its constantly changing nature.
Two centuries ago, scientists began to investigate the history of the Earth by examining the rocks beneath its surface and thus began to formulate the astonishing concept of geological time. Using this discovery as their starting point, the authors of Earth Story unravel the fascinating history of the Earth from its earliest beginnings to the dawn of human civilisation.
Two themes emerge as this compelling story unfolds. Firstly, from its molten core to the outermost reaches of its atmosphere, our planet operates as one vast interlinked system. Aspects of our landscape and climate that seem at first quite distinct - such as earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers and monsoons - are in fact intimately related to each other. Secondly, the active geology of our world has been vital to the origin of life and the progress of evolution. The authors tackle these ideas, using full-colour illustrations, stunning photography and the latest scientific thinking. By describing the remarkable forces that formed and shape our ever-changing world, Earth Story gives us a new understanding of the planet and our place within its evolution.

Genre: Documentary
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Season 1
    Episode 2: The Deep  
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