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Where to watch Scrapheap Challenge
Before there was a Junkyard Wars in the States there was Scrapheap Challenge in the UK (Which gave birth to Junkyard Wars). Two teams of engineers give mechanical life to a pile of junk and go head to head over whose creation dominates.

Genre: Game Show, Special Interest
Season 1
    Episode 4: Sub-Aqua  
    Episode 7: Rockets  
Season 2
    Episode 2: Cannons  
Season 3
    Episode 4: Windmill  
    Episode 9: Fireboat  
Season 4
    Episode 3: Torpedo  
Season 5
    Episode 9: Tugboats  
    Episode 10: Diggers  
Season 6
    Episode 7: Jet Cars  
    Episode 11: Tanks  
Season 7
    Episode 5: Jet Boat  
    Episode 8: Spy Cars  
Season 8
Season 9
    Episode 7: Airboats  
Season 10
Season 11
Season 12
    Episode 1: Chariots  
    Episode 7: Jet Cars  
    Episode 11: Tanks  
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