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Watch Slings Arrows online: Episode 6 Birnam Wood

All's well that ends well, or so it seems at the beginning. Richard, sure he will have to resign as General Manager, gloomily heads over to the theater only to find that hords of teenagers clog the box office to get tickets for Macbeth. In fact, the show is nearly sold out. He at least can face opening night in good spirits. Not so Geoffrey, who still has to deal with an actor refusing to take his direction. So he decides to put in some last minute changes and teach Henry Breedlove a lesson he won't soon forget. His plan works and he is rewarded by a stellar performance of his cast as well as a black eye from Henry Breedlove's fist. All that's left to do is save Romeo and Juliet from total disaster. Giving his most dramatic performance in years, Geoffrey convinces Darren Nichols to rethink his concept and stage the play as the desperate love story it is. And another pair of lovers finds themselves re-united in the end, although not in death. With a little help from Sloan, Ellen and Geoffrey get back together.

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