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Watch Slings Arrows online: Episode 5 Steeped in Blood

Ellen's audit is not going well and she is shocked to hear that a settlement will be forced on her if she can't hand in all of her records on time. Sarah and Patrick, after an 'intense' nighttime rehersal, find themselves in bed together, which is odd since Patrick is openly gay. Still, Romeo and Juliet is far from being ready to open. Writer Lionel Train uses Anna as his main inspiration for his new play. Come opening night she doesn't feel flattered anymore as she sees her darkest secrets revealed to the audience. The production of Macbeth is also faced with the dilemma of having to replace Henry Breedlove, who was the main attraction. But the understudy proves himself despite personal problems and stage fright. Nevertheless, at the end of the evening Ellen asks a reluctant Geoffrey to ask Henry to come back. The latter, with the help of seasoned actor Brian Cabot (Leon Pownall), has come to the decision to ask Geoffrey for the same thing. But when Geoffrey asks first, Henry feels vindicated and arrogantly informs Geoffrey that he will play Macbeth - but his own way. But all is not well in the end which finds Richard close to a nervous breakdown when Sanjay is arrested by the RCMP and is found to be a con-artist. With the government funds gone and no new sponsors in sight, New Burbage seems doomed.

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