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What is Echo of the Elephants about?
Features Cynthia Moss and the elephant herd she's been studying for over 20 years. We will experience the daily dramas in the life of the "E" family of elephants, led by their matriarch, Echo. In some of the most moving elephant behavior ever seen, we'll watch Echo's newborn calf, Ely, struggle to get up on his front legs soon after birth. Although Ely is unable to stand, he manages to survive by crawling. Day by day, under the supervision of his mother and the rest of the herd, we track Ely's progress. Finally, after several days, we'll witness the climactic moment when Ely gathers his strength and lifts himself up. His legs, weak and wobbly, are able to support him as he manages to take his first steps. Thus begins a journey that will reveal some of the most intimate moments in the lives of these African elephants.

Genre: Documentary


Season 1 of Echo of the Elephants

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