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Fast-paced and full of angst-ridden fun, this British drama may be based on teenage characters and aimed at a teenage audience, but its content is strictly adult. Watch as eleven teens struggle with highly-charged issues of race, religion, sexuality, drugs, and food disorders. With a solid set of good actors, expect the drama to consist of a lot of well-played emotional ups and downs.

Actors: Nicholas Hoult, Mike Bailey, Joseph Dempsie, Mitch Hewer, Georgina Moffat
Genre: Drama
Imdb: click here
Season 1
    Episode 5: Sid  
Season 2
    Episode 2: Sketch  
    Episode 3: Sid  
    Episode 4: Michelle  
    Episode 5: Chris  
    Episode 6: Tony  
    Episode 7: Effy  
    Episode 8: Jal  
    Episode 9: Cassie  
Season 3
    Episode 4: Pandora  
    Episode 6: Naomi  
    Episode 8: Effy  
Season 4
    Episode 1: Thomas  
    Episode 3: Cook  
    Episode 5: Freddie  
    Episode 6: JJ  
    Episode 7: Effy  
    Episode 8: Everyone  
Season 5
    Episode 2: Rich  
    Episode 8: Everyone  
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