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What is Otogizoushi about?
Otogi Zoshi takes place in the mid-Heian period (roughly 1000AD). Kyoto is ravaged by starvation and epidemic, nevertheless the lords and samurais continue their ugly strugles for political supremacy. The Imperial Court, sympathetic towards the suffering of the people, orders Minamoto no Raikou, a master archer, to find and retrieve the sacred jade jewels that promises to restore peace to Kyoto. Raikou, however, also falls ill due to the epidemic. His youngest sister, Hikaru, decides secretely to make the journey in his place.

Genre: Animation

    Episode 1: Kimon  
    Episode 2: Minato  

Season 1 of Otogizoushi

    Episode 1: Raikou  
    Episode 5: Urabe  
    Episode 9: Darkness  
    Episode 10: Shuten  
    Episode 12: Seimei  
    Episode 13: Hikaru  

Season 2 of Otogizoushi

    Episode 1: Tokyo  
    Episode 2: Shinjuku  
    Episode 5: Ueno  
    Episode 6: Shibuya  
    Episode 7: Azabu  
    Episode 9: Ookubo  
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