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What is xxxHOLiC about?
Yuuko is a witch who grants people's wishes, but in return the person has to give up something precious. Watanuki Kimihiro, a man who has visions, encounters Yuuko and she promises to get rid of the spirits that torment him. In return Watanuki must work in Yuuko's shop and help her grant other people's wishes. Based on the hit manga by CLAMP

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy
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    Episode 4: R?  

Season 1 of xxxHOLiC

    Episode 1: Hitsuzen  
    Episode 3: Angel  
    Episode 8: Contract  
    Episode 9: Promise  
    Episode 10: Light  
    Episode 14: Seal  
    Episode 15: Release  
    Episode 16: Reunion  
    Episode 18: Hozuki  
    Episode 23: Choice  

Season 2 of xxxHOLiC

    Episode 2: Left Eye  
    Episode 9: Rumor  
    Episode 12: Truth  
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