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Watch El Hazard The Wanderers online: Episode 18 Operation Abduction

Jinnai hatched once again an infamy. Rune Venus makes exploit a state visit in a friendly kingdom, and this opportunity to abduct it. First of all he can be engaged with Ifurita as a help. With a suitcase money it convinces the committee that it is a suitable candidate. Ifurita makes it with a couple of flashes. In the palace, it must would weave lasting before Makoto, but it simultaneously drives its preparations ahead. And then it is so far: it sends sleep the gate watch, lets the Bugrooms into the palace and snatches itself rune. Nearly vermasselt Ifurita of yet all, because it for rune some pretty fireworks arranges has snatches delivers itself, but in the emerging chaos Jinnai out of oversight its sister Nanami, and Ifurita rune Venus with it off. And with both, it weave then in a Gleiter and lets the despairing Makoto behind itself back.

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