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Watch El Hazard The Wanderers online: Episode 13 Pure Evil Genius

Londs extremely is provided over the awakening Ifuritas. Makoto on the other hand believes sooner that Ifurita will do nothing really evil. There Jinnai with a Geschwader Bugroom-Gleiter emerges and demands the unconditional submission. Back in the Bugroom-castle, he converses with Diva over Ifurita, that can remember nothing of earlier. Makoto and rune send Jinnai a message: they lean its extortion plainly off. Furiously Jinnai Ifurita sends loose: it should make Roshitaria the ground immediately. Underway Ifurita come to be sure objection: it could be injured at the same time yes someone. That wants it on no case. It warns the people, but none believes its. Reflectively it hikes through the streets. There its Afura stands one toward, but after some there and here Ifurita overcomes it problem-free. Back in the castle, Jinnai Ifurita scolds: a good girl should become it and should be angry. And it should destroy finally Roshitaria. It tries its best, but it goes again awry

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