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Watch El Hazard The Wanderers online: Episode 8 Reunion

Miz marches bravely the entire night through. At the next morning, it arrives finally and encounters its beloved Fujisawa again. Meanwhile Jinnai broods dark plans against Roshitaria out of (, that it then in the next sequence carry out becomes). Rune Venus bathes once again and converses with its ""dragon"". It is happy that Makoto is again back. Miz makes rune its attendance, spends it with Fujisawa a romantic morning together when sudden the water in its wish well and in entirely Roshitaria to flow stops. Appalled it races the entire way to the water shrine back (for a priest has it an outstanding condition), followed of Fujisawa and Makoto. Nanami has the water shrine to a baths park and amusement park umfunktioniert and consumes there the entire water. Miz is shocked, makes Nanami and its servants a scene, but then the overburdened machines of the shrine go through and leave behind a ruin. But at least Nanami and Makoto encounter themselves again.

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