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Watch El Hazard The Wanderers online: Episode 4 The Lonely Priestess

Rune informs Makoto that it outside of its empire 3 priests would give. Each of them controls a nature power. They could help Makoto and Fujisawa perhaps to return into its world. Also Jinnai is behind the secrets of the priests here whereby Diva is not enthused very, because she holds it for to dangerously. Doctor Schtalubaugh gives Makoto and Fujisawa Alielle as a rice companion with. They must all possible deserts and cross gorges and escape Jinnais falling before they reach the shrine of the water, in which Miz lives. The priest is bored and fallen in love solitary, and on the first view with Fujisawa. It tells would be allowed to tell both, it its secrets (that it in reality not at has all) no strange, therefore Fujisawa with it had to spend a romantic day, what it does also with growing enthusiasm. At the end, they stood to was retained it, that it only a trick around it with itself, was so solitary because it, but Fujisawa is not angry. It wetted the day very, also if d

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