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Watch El Hazard The Wanderers online: Episode 2 Exploring the Kingdom of Mystery

The next what sees Makoto, rune is Venus that weave also before a Bugroom and jumps at the same time into an abyss. Makoto catches it below and wins therewith its heart. Then they meet Fujisawa that entirely unexpected powers develops and the Bugrooms strongly vermbelt. Together they proceed itself per air ship into the capital then where rune quarters Venus it. Fujisawa missed its Sake and skin out of oversight the door on, whereupon the watches something ""nervous"" become. Both would weave and land calculated left in that. Londs, the boss of the palace watch, holds it for spy of the Bugrooms, but rune is convinced of its innocence. After it doctor Schtalubaugh to its investigation sent, and that together with Fujisawa has let itself amply, is the world again in order. It converses begins with Makoto, that accidentally the hand puts on a strange ball, to illuminate that thereupon to all astonishment - the sign of the king (catches already once well at).

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