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Kippei is a ladies man. Always in trouble for flirting in class, after class, anytime he can. So it is some big surprise to him when he gets saddled with watching Yuzuyu, a cute little girl.Yuzuyu`s mother has gone missing, and so Kippei`s family is watching her until her mother can be found. Of course, since Kippei could use a few lessons in responsibility, he is the "best" choice for the job.This story is working out to be very cute. Kippei`s natural "mother" instinct is really brought to the front while trying to to his best for Yuzuyu, but he is a boy. His ineptitude regarding the smallest things a mother would need to know [like packing a lunch for school] are endearing rather than hokey, and the character of Yuzuyu is cute, without being overly so.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Drama
Season 1
    Episode 13: Mama...  
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