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The battle starts today!! Welcome to School Rumble! What is School Rumble about, you might ask? Well, strangely, the title has very little to do with the content. The anime is based on the original Japanese manga (graphic novel) of the same title by Shigeno Shuuichi (Yes, the same guy who made Initial D.) The story follows Tsukamoto Tenma, a school girl of the age of 16, as she tries and tries to figure out the proper way to express her love towards Karasuma Ooji, a very odd young boy of the same age. Tenma gets herself into a number of odd situations, not only involving Karasuma, but also the lives of her friends, younger (and taller) sister, and of course, the story of a classmate and school delinquent, Harima Kenji. It should also be noted that Harima, as odd as it may seem, has developed strong feelings for Tenma ever since a run-in they had in the past. But that's enough of that. Main Characters Tsukamoto Tenma Well. . . It would be rude to call Tenma a "ditz," but it also wouldn't be too far from the truth. She's your typical ditzy, goofy, silly young school girl, minus the whole "valley girl" routine. She tends to take the long and complex way around things, rather than the short and simple way, which causes her quite a bit of trouble in the end. She also doesn't quite get the Japanese grading system, content to get all "cute little turtles" on her report cards (which basically means "try harder".) On a lighter note, she has the biggest of crushes on one Karasuma Ooji, a very quiet, but quietly eccentric young boy of the same age in her class. Harima Kenji "Delinquent" would be putting things lightly. Not only is he a delinquent, but he's a skilled street fighter, able to put to shame endless numbers of thugs who might want to do him harm, or maybe just random people he feels like beating the crap out of. Ever since he had a run-in with Tenma in his younger days, however, his fighting took on an entirely new purpose. . . He no longer fights because he has nothing better to do. No. . .he fights. . .because he's in love! So very much in love, in fact, he's willing to throw away everything from his past, including his old identity, just to be with Tenma. Will he manage to succeed? Only time will tell. . . Karasuma Ooji A very big fan of Japanese curry, Ooji has little much more on his mind than food and school. Seeming completely oblivious to what's going on around him, he continues his daily routine, always speaking softly, always looking straight ahead with those odd-looking eyes of his, and never even once seeming to notice the strong feelings Tenma has for him. He is either a genius, or completely out of his mind, considering some of the things he does and doesn't do. (I'd go on listing characters, but there are just too many "main" characters to list! So, I just listed the three focus characters.) Some Information Provided By. . . Wannabe Fansubs, Fan-Translators of School Rumble, the Official School Rumble Site(Japanese) Anime News Network - School Rumble

Actors: Yui Horie, Hitomi Nabatame, Yu Asakawa, Shinji Kawada, Hiroki Konishi, Kaori Shimizu, Ami Koshimizu, Mamiko Noto, Hiroki Takahashi
Genre: Animation
    Episode 3: 1 to 24  
Season 1
    Episode :   
Season 2
    Episode :   
    Episode 26: Period.  
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