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In an era where guns are replacing swords, samurai are desperately trying to keep their ideals alive, though many become honorless mercenaries in desperation. Yajiro Kojima is one such mercenary who led an average life until running across the beautiful Rushyuna Tendo, an expert gun wielder (known as a senshi, or Enlightened One) who upholds one ideal above all others: never kill, simply destroy one's will to fight. Together, the duo travel the world encountering dangerous enemies and bathhouses galore, all while removing their adversaries' "armor" with a smile!

Genre: Animation
    Episode 1: Omake 01  
    Episode 2: Omake 02  
    Episode 3: Omake 03  
    Episode 4: Omake 04  
    Episode 5: Omake 05  
Season 1
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