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Watch Samurai Deeper Kyo online: Episode 2 Wanted (Dead or Alive) Man

Jimon, the Kenyou recalls his past encounter with Demon Eyes Kyo at the Battle of Sekigahara. He was defeated easily, and terrified by Kyo's red eyes. Left for dead, Jimon was later obliterated by the falling star. Now as a Kenyou, he wants to crush Kyo and exact his revenge. Kyo uses his sword, the Muramasa and his special technique, Mizuchi to destroy him easily though. Afterwards, Kyo chases Yuya and eventually changes back into Kyoshiro. Kyoshiro explains that Kyo is not who he really is and decides to head out on his own. Yuya however will not let him, saying that she wants to help someone in need (although she is in reality, after the bounty for Demon Eyes Kyo). On their way to a nearby village, Kyoshiro and Yuya run into Okuni, a former acquaintance of Kyoshiro's whom he does not remember. Okuni explains her past with Kyoshiro and Demon Eyes Kyo and how she longs to see Kyo. They arrive at the village the next day but Okuni has apparently disappeared. Kyoshiro and Yuya appear to have a warm welcome, but there are shady characters lurking about.

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