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Watch Samurai Deeper Kyo online: Episode 1 The Way to Armageddon

The first episode shows Kyo and Kyoshiro battling each other while Yukimura Sanada, Sasuke Sarutobi, and Saizo Kirigakure arrive at the battle ground where Kyo and Kyoshiro continuing fighting. Meanwhile, Kyo destroys Kyoshire's sword and tells him that he lost and should give up. Then, Yukimura comes and tells them to stop because Sakuya creates a meteor raining down on the battle field. Then four years later, Kyoshiro meets Yuki and then a demon attacks them. The demon was actually a guy who fought in the war four years ago. The demon beats up Kyoshiro, but Kyo takes over his body. Kyo beats the crap out of the demon and then Kyoshiro takes back his body and continues to travel with Yuki by his side.

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