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Each episode is a stand-alone story with different sub-stories that come together at the end of each episode. Everything from changing peoples jobs by adding something to a towns drinking water, going behind the scenes of a Public Awareness Agency (everything from former smokers to traffic-victims, convicts and closet homosexuals), finding out about an ancient prophecy of the mentally handicapped, the plight of the Danish population (they cant understand a word they say, and the milkman earns a lot by pretending not to understand and selling gallons of milk) to visiting the parallel dimension of Norwegian Film (my favorite episode). Its a great little set of films that surprisingly has some sympathy for the individual characters amongst all the crazy situations. Well worth your time!

Actors: arald Eia, Brd Tufte Johansen, Atle Antons
Genre: Comedy
Season 1
Season 2
    Episode 8: Dessert  
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