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What is Gantz about?
Kurono Kei is a high school student who is fairly self-absorbed. One day when he sees a man fall off a subway platform, he decides to just stand and watch. His former classmate, Katou Masaru, gets down to help the man, however, and then asks for his help. Reluctantly, he agrees to help. During the rescue, they notice a train coming and after placing the man back on the platform, they have to run for their lives to try to make it past the platform. This train, though, is an express and is not going to stop. Just as they are hit, they are transported into a room of a high-rise apartment. There is a black ball (the Gantz) in the middle of the room and other people surrounding the ball. It turns out that all of these people were transported here when they died. After a few moments a naked girl (Kishimoto Kei) is transported into the room in front of their eyes. The ball plays some music and says (via words displayed upon it) that they are now at it's will, and they're lives are g

Actors: Masashi Oosato, Shannon Emmerick, Chris Ayres, Hitomi Nabatame, Illich Guardiola, Daisuke Namikawa
Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation
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Season 1 of Gantz

    Episode 8: Uh-oh!  

Season 2 of Gantz

    Episode 1: Goodbye  
    Episode 2: Go Fast!  
    Episode 3: It's Me!  
    Episode 7: Shoot Me  
    Episode 8: Brother  
    Episode 13: Live!  
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