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Where to watch Final Fantasy: Unlimited
Final Fantasy: Unlmited is the third attempt of trying to make an anime based off the popular video game series of Final Fantasy. Ai and Yu, two twelve year-old twins who travel into Wonderland, a mysterious parallel dimension, in search of their missing parents. Along the way they meet many strange new characters and travel to exotic lands in pursuit of their quest. All the while, the evil Earl Tyrant is holding the twins' parents hostage, and has had them brainwashed into working on his side to help him become more powerful.

Actors: Kikuko Inoue, Shawn Sides, Kuwashima Houko, Yuka Imai, Imai Yuka, Akira Ishida, Sammy Harte, Brian Jepson, Jessica Smolins, J. Hudson Brownlee, Elena Carrillo, J. Shannon Weaver, Ron Berry, Jessica Schwartz, Evan Slack
Genre: Animation
Imdb: click here
Season 1
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