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Welcome to the Yvon of the Yukon guide at TV Tome.
Yvon Ducharme is a simple boob of an explorer, booted from France in the 17th century and accidentally frozen in the Arctic ice for 300 years. When a hip Inuit teenager named Tommy takes his sled dog Mutt for a walk, the pooch lifts his leg on Yvon and lets the defrosted Frenchman loose on the town of Upyermukluk. To Tommy's delight, the smelly, stubborn, and fantastically confused Yvon manages to both charm and annoy the many screwballs and misfits who call Upyermukluk home. Will Yvon succeed in conquering this freeze-dried land in the name of his long-dead King? Will he steal a smooch from Big Mary of the Bingo Hall? And will Tommy ever teach him that a toaster-oven is not for drying your undies?

Actors: Kirby Morrow, Jane Mortifee, Glen Could, Drew Reichelt, Ian James Corlett
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
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